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Medicine in art

Health is one of our favorite topics of conversation, right after the weather, politics and football. These mundane subjects are also alien to artists. As it turns out, they do not move only in the highest spiritual registers.


The path was opened here by Rembrandt himself, whose anatomy lessons, and especially the one conducted on the corpse by Dr, still inspire artists today. In the mocak we can see, for example, its version performed by Nikita shalennya, a Ukrainian artist who in the photo ” where is your brother?”in place of doctors put masked officers of special forces. This work will be shown at the exhibition “medicine in art”, alongside many other polish and foreign artists who are interested in broad aspects of this science, from psychology to plastic surgery.

Aesthetic medicine is an art

What do aesthetic medicine and art have in common? More than you think. Both are areas of beauty that make others happy. Every doctor who is engaged in improving the appearance should have an extraordinary aesthetic and artistic sense, and treat each patient as a work of art.

Everyone knows that aesthetic medicine requires a great deal of knowledge in the fields of anatomy, physiology, histology and pathophysiology. Doctors constantly participate in specialized courses and upgrade their qualifications to keep abreast of the latest technologies and achievements of medicine. However, not everyone realizes that something more is needed-an aesthetic sense and an extraordinary passion, because aesthetic medicine is undoubtedly a kind of art.


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