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Who should go to the laryngologist?

  • children who snore or sleep with their mouths open,
  • parents who are concerned about their child’s delayed speech development ,
  • children with reduced muscle tone in the lips and tongue,
  • children who are frequently diagnosed with otitis media by their pediatrician,
  • people who have a feeling of ear congestion,
  • people who have ear pain (suspected exudative otitis media),
  • people who have a tendency to form “wax corks”,
  • people who have imbalances,
  • children with reduced muscle tone in the lips and tongue.

How does a visit to the laryngologist look like?

As with other specialists, an initial interview is conducted with the patient or his / her parent (in the case of children).

Then the laryngologist assesses the condition of the auditory canal (endoscopy, otoscopy, videootoscopy). Specialist laryngologist also performs a study of fiberoscopy-this is a study that assesses the condition of the nasopharynx, hypertrophy of the third tonsil called the pharyngeal tonsil. This test consists of inserting a flexible endoscope ending with a camera into the nose and further into the nasopharynx and other parts of the upper respiratory tract. This examination takes several minutes and is practically painless.


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