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Laryngologist – availability of visits

The services of a laryngologist can be used under the insurance of the federal tax service. These visits are free of charge but require referral from your GP. When we have a referral we can only go to the laryngological clinic and make an appointment with a laryngologist. Then we have to wait for the appointment.

If we care about time, you can consult our ailments during a private visit. Today, both lists of private laryngological offices and reviews of individual specialists are available on various internet portals.

Laryngologist – laryngological emergency

Regardless of whether we have arranged a visit in private or within the framework of the NFZ, you always need to wait at least a day or two for it (in the case of a private visit). Therefore, if you need help immediately, you can use the so-called emergency laryngology, which usually have hospitals with a laryngology department.

It is especially useful in situations where we bleed from the nose and can not control the situation or we have cotton wool left in the ear after cleaning.

In the laryngology department, we will definitely be admitted and examined by a laryngologist. However, it should be remembered to go there only in an emergency situation, which is a health hazard that requires immediate assistance.


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