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Laryngologist – visit

The laryngologist at the beginning of the visit collects an interview from the patient, in which he asks in detail about the symptoms. He can also use an endoscope or speculum to assess the condition of the patient’s nose, ear, throat or mouth.

At the visit, the laryngologist can also perform an audiological examination of the hearing, as well as an ultrasound examination. Ultrasound is used mainly for the examination of the lymph nodes of the neck and salivary glands, but it also happens that the apparatus is used for the examination of the paranasal sinuses, the oral and nasal parts of the throat and larynx.

One of the most frequently performed procedures in the laryngological office is microlaryngoscopy. It should be remembered that the treatment implemented by the laryngologist depends on the diagnosis and the course of the disease in a particular patient.

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Laryngologist – preparation for the examination

When going to visit an otolaryngologist, remember to take with you the results of previous laboratory and imaging tests and to thoroughly clean the ears from the wax, which, being in the wires, could make it difficult to inspect the eardrum.

Laryngologist – diagnostics

The otolaryngologist uses specialized tools to examine the patient. To examine the ears, he will use an otoscope, endoscope or microscope, which will allow a thorough examination of the middle ear canals, and to assess the larynx and trachea will use a laryngoscope. In order to examine the sense of smell, the doctor will perform special functional tests that allow you to check how the cilia lining the nasal cavity work.


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