All sessions at a glance


We would like to share information summarizing the European session of laryngological surgery on the internet, organized by the clinic of laryngology and laryngological oncology by the European laryngological society.

In a nearly seven-hour session, laryngologists from 10 centres in Europe performed 18 innovative operations in the throat, larynx and neck. It should be emphasized that they were world leaders in laryngeal surgery. The whole project was directed and moderated from the studio of the supercomputing and networking center, the co-organizer of the session.

It turned out that we were watched by a group of doctors and medical students from 62 countries around the world.

We were followed by internet users from all European countries and from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea PD., Malaysia, Philippines, India, Pakistan, China, Georgia, Egypt, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Iran, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, USA including Alaska, Canada, etc.

In the measurement made between 10: 00 and 10: 15, we had 3,000 visits to our site, and it must be remembered that behind one entrance there were sometimes many doctors who were in front of a single laptop, or many students. Preliminary calculations indicate that the entire session was attended by 8-10 thousand doctors in the world.

Internet transmission of all operations took place with very good picture and sound quality. This session was met with wide interest in both electronic and paper media. A short online summary, shortly after the end of the session, emphasised the need to continue this endeavour.

We would like to emphasize the uniqueness of this event not only on a national scale, but also on a global scale, which is a great showcase laryngology and informatics.


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