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Profession: Laryngologist

A laryngologist (otolaryngologist) is a doctor who deals with the fight against diseases in the head and neck. The most common complaints that are reported to this type of specialist are otitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis or nosebleeds. It also turns out that patients who complain of frequent dizziness also go to the laryngologist most often.

The practice of a laryngologist is mainly a detailed interview with the patient and the use of specialized tools for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in their medical field. It turns out that the laryngologist most often does not prescribe emergency pharmacological agents and treats surgically; of course, drugs can be an auxiliary treatment and are not the rule.

It should be noted that the laryngologist in Warsaw most often accepts patients in the acute mode, that is, in emergency cases. It is rare for patients to see this type of doctor well in advance, unless the condition concerns a condition that does not require urgent intervention.

To become a laryngologist, you must complete six years of medical studies combined with specialization and complete a mandatory internship in the laryngological office. Those who open their own offices can count on a salary ranging from 10 to even 30 thousand rubles.


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