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When should I report to the laryngological office?

Whenever we are concerned about long-term symptoms from the ears, nose or throat, and in case of recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract. It is also worth knowing that a laryngologist can help us get rid of snoring, which can have negative consequences for our health. Of course, a visit to the laryngological office is absolutely necessary if you notice any symptoms of worsening hearing.

Laryngologist – waiting time for a visit

For a visit to the laryngologist under the insurance of the federal tax service, you have to wait quite a long time. These are not as long-term as in the case of, for example, an endocrinologist, but often the deadline has to wait from several to several weeks. The situation varies from province to province, affecting

  • location of clinics – the most besieged are those in the city center;
  • qualification and experience of a laryngologist – some laryngologists are more popular and enjoy greater patient confidence;
  • the amount of the contract with the NHS-the lower the amount of the contract, the less patients can accept the laryngologist.

We make an appointment after getting a referral to the laryngologist. We can do this in person, by phone, and in some clinics even via the internet.

If time is of the essence, we can arrange a private visit. Such a visit is paid. The price of a private laryngological visit depends on the city and the qualification of the laryngologist and is approx. For such a visit, you usually have to wait a maximum of about a week.


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