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The test (tonal audiometry) consists in giving audiometric headphones a sound of different frequencies and signaling the patient to recognize the sound
(threshold of hearing). The patient signals the moment when he begins to hear the tones given to him, the frequency of which is successively increased.

If the audiometry results indicate hearing loss, the prosthetist will tell you what steps you should take to prevent hearing loss from getting worse. If you need to use hearing aids, people who want to benefit from the grant must go for a referral for supplies from a laryngologist.

Referral to a laryngologist can be obtained from a family doctor, or go privately directly to a laryngologist, who will issue an order for the supply of hearing aids. The doctor does not need to have a signed contract with the federal tax service, only a valid right to practice in a particular specialty.

At the doctor the course of the hearing test depends on the technique used. It can take place in a sitting or lying position, often in a quiet room.

Preparation for the test depends on the diagnostic method chosen. Care should be taken to clear the auditory canals from excess wax, if the test is to be carried out in a child, in a specialized institution it is worth taking your favorite toy with you, which will allow him to calm down .

Some tests performed in the youngest patients (e.g. the Bera test) are most effective when performed while they are asleep, so it is important to postpone taking a nap until then.

How much does a hearing test cost?

The basic hearing test (audiometry) does not require referral and is free of charge if it is performed at points where hearing prosthetics are employed. The waiting time is short.

If we perform a hearing test at the NHS with a laryngologist, the waiting time for the visit will depend on the timing in the clinic and can be from several weeks to several months. Therefore, many people use the offer of private institutions.

People who want to carry out specialized hearing tests, such as tympanometry in private, specialized institutions will pay about 25-30 rubles. Acoustic emission will cost us in the range of 60 PLN-more expensive will be the test performed at night (approx. 80 PLN). It is quite expensive to study Bera – an adult patient will pay for it by eye. 150 zł, we will pay more for the child, because OK. 200 or 300 rubles, if it takes place at night.


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