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Hearing tests-and then what?

By examining the hearing, we can determine if the patient has hearing loss and what kind. We can also assess whether hearing aids are needed, whether the patient requires treatment, or whether the test result is correct.

There are 3 types of cavities: conductive, mixed and receptive. In case of mixed and receptive hearing loss-the use of hearing aids is recommended. In the case of conduction loss, the laryngologist assesses whether it can still be treated.

Hearing loss is considered to be a hearing threshold above 30 dB. and verbal audiometry allows you to assess what level of volume needs to be given in order to improve hearing.

Hearing test-results

During the visit, the results of the tests are discussed in detail with the patient, which provides a sense of certainty about the therapy used and the restoration of hearing. If the results of the hearing test show a degree of hearing loss that hearing aids can handle, we will be able to make some of the models available for free testing. We will explain to you how each type of hearing aid works, and then we can begin the process of selecting a hearing aid that is tailored to your needs.


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