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The laryngologist, like any doctor, has to go quite a long educational path. In this article we talk about how it looks in practice.

Before the doctor becomes a laryngologist

Medical studies last 6 years, their graduate approaches the final medical examination (lek), which verifies all the knowledge that a medical student should acquire during the entire process of education at a medical university. Whether or not a medical graduate passes this exam determines whether he or she will be granted the right to practice his or her profession. At this point, it is also possible to start an internship, during which the doctor spends several weeks in each department to implement the specifics of the work.

Even if the first approach to the drug fails, during the 13-month internship, you can approach the exam twice more. The number of points obtained-more than the minimum required-then allows you to choose a specialty, that is, the field in which the doctor will continue to be trained.

Specialization in laryngology

After completing the internship, you can start a laryngological specialization, which usually lasts 5 years. Let us explain here at once that the full name of this specialty is otorhinolaryngology, it is also shortened to otolaryngology. The competence of a specialist in this field lies in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ear, nose, larynx and throat, as well as other organs in the head and neck.

In practice, this means that many laryngologists are also surgeons-when they are dealing with tumors of the parotid salivary glands or tumors of the larynx, diseases of the paranasal sinuses or tongue; they can also perform operations in the field of maxillofacial and reconstructive surgery. In general, in laryngology, we can single out 9 specific specialties:

  • otology,
  • neurology,
  • pediatric otolaryngology,
  • Phoniatrics,
  • audiology,
  • market economy,
  • westybulology,
  • laryngological oncology,
  • cranial base surgery.

Specialization in laryngology can be started immediately after the postgraduate internship, then the basic specialization program is implemented, or continue education by implementing a specialization program for doctors who have already completed a specialization of the first degree in laryngology – we are talking about a specialization of the second degree.

Upon completion of the specialization, the doctor passes the state specialization examination (PES). If he gets a positive result, he receives the title of specialist doctor of Otorhinolaryngology.


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