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KARL STORZ GmbH & Co. Kg was founded in 1945 in Germany. The role played by Karl Storz in the development of modern endoscopy, as well as innovative techniques, instruments and devices for minimally invasive surgery, which were developed as a result of work carried out in collaboration with eminent surgeons, make Karl Storz today a world leader in the field of endoscopy.

The high-quality products of the KARL STORZ brand are recognized all over the world, and the wide range of the company’s products includes, among other things, rigid and flexible endoscopes along with the entire instrumentation. In addition, Karl Storz has developed many innovative systems, such as the digital imaging system or the data archiving system, which enable the production of high-quality documentation, which is extremely useful in the field of minimally invasive surgery.


The patenting and introduction of the HOPKINS and Hopkins II optics technology to the endoscopic market solved the fundamental problems that stood in the way of the development of endoscopy: providing an adequate amount of light to the area of the operating field and transmitting a real, perfect image from the observed site to the operator.

The company’s offer is characterized by an unprecedentedly wide range of products used in diagnostics and minimally invasive surgery and excellent quality of multi-purpose tools.

Today, the KARL STORZ brand is synonymous with innovation, versatility and excellent quality of endoscopic products, known all over the world.


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