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CT scan of the conic bundle. The computer-controlled system creates 3D digital images (axial, coronal and sagittal), commonly used for the sinuses, temporal bone, and the base of the skull. The time of examination of an adult is only 40 seconds, and a child only 20 seconds. Compact size, as for the device of this class, allows you to place it in virtually any medical office.

Mobile CT scanner conical beam, manufactured by the American company. Designed for intraoperative imaging of both bone and soft tissue (IQ version) of the head and neck area. All features allow the use of a tomograph intraoperatively, but also in the ICU without the need for transfer of the patient (in particular, for confirmation and localization of intracranial hemorrhage). Tomographic images are collected during a single rotation of the gantry around the patient’s head with a significantly lower dose compared to a conventional CT scan.


Revolution in intraoperative navigation

One-of-a-kind, innovative system for dynamic intraoperational navigation, based on electromagnetic technology. Devices of the renowned German company fiagon designed for intuitive movement in the operating field, for precise laryngological, spinal and neurosurgical procedures. Neuronavigation is integrated with the existing equipment of the room, flexible with the ability to adapt to the needs and expectations of the operator, at the same time easy to use and technologically advanced. Fiagon improves the safety standard, as well as the operator’s effectiveness and confidence in the most dangerous approaches performed in the operating room.


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