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Research archiving software, medicus

DiVAS software allows you to maintain patient records.

Its advanced photo and video documentation modules allow for the collection and processing of video footage recorded during procedures and diagnostics. Report modules allow you to create patient reports.

The modular design of the program allows you to select those elements that are needed at a given time for efficient management of patient data.

System for rapid laryngological diagnosis, medicus

Mobile endoscopic station with stroboscopic function. Never before has the ability to move a diagnostic device been so simple. Videostroboscopy is extremely easy to perform thanks to the videonasopharyngoscope behind the integrated microphone.

The EndoCompact tower is a combination of compact dimensions, mobility and excellent imaging quality.

Automatic activation of functions and easy-to-use DiVAS software complete the whole. An indispensable device for any laryngological office and for rapid dianostics in the hospital ward at the patient’s bedside. Modular design allows you to quickly and easily expand the system depending on your needs.


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