Program 2


Theme Of The Congress:

  • Spa treatment of dermatological diseases – spa Dermatology
  • Spa treatment of respiratory diseases-pulmonology and laryngology spa
  • Advances in: Physical Medicine, balneology, balneochemistry, Biometeorology, spa geology

In the program of the Congress, besides oral reports, the following sessions are planned: poster, didactic and quality management of spa treatment facilities.
Further announcements will be posted on the website of our society and on the website of the publisher of Polish balneology in the quarterly Polska and sent in the form of a document to individual branches of the Polish Society of balneology and Physical Medicine.

Information about the submission of the paper:

Please prepare a summary of the paper. The summary should include: 300-400 words, include the title, surname and name of the author with emphasis on the speaker, the center from which the work originates, and a text containing: introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusions.


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