Basic ENT – education for trainees and young professionals

One of the most exciting new features at the 2019 Congress of the Confederation of European ORL-HNS is the brand-new “Basic ENT“ track completely geared towards ENT trainees and young professionals. The track will run in parallel to the rest of the congress program and last for the full duration of CEORL-HNS 2019.

In terms of content, Basic ENT covers a broad range of clinical topics in a practical and interactive manner. In addition, young professionals will be able to acquire skills in related fields such as writing publications, presenting at meetings and practicing Evidence Based Medicine. Other highlights include the UEMS/EBE-ORL mock exam and the Golden Resident Quiz.

Basic ENT requires no separate registration and is included in the overall congress attendance, thus allowing for networking opportunities between young colleagues and more experienced professionals. Attractive fees are available for residents below the age of 35.

This is the full Basic ENT program (click to enlarge):