Role Chair vs. Moderator

As there have been some questions about the role of the chair versus the role of the moderator, we would like to provide some additional information on this.



The chair has the task of supervising the session “on the day”. This means introducing the speakers in IC and KL sessions and introducing the moderator in RT sessions (who will then usually introduce the rest of the panel). Furthermore, the chair will have the task of time-keeping and supervising questions from the audience. In RT sessions, the chair can assist the moderator during the panel in case the necessity arises. Any transfer of tasks from the chair to the moderator ahead of the panel (or vice versa) is at the discretion of the individual panels.


In the RT sessions, the moderator is the active leader of the panel. The task of the moderator is to organise the content of the panel, coordinate the topics of the individual speakers, lead the discussion and take the questions from the audience. Any transfer of tasks from the moderator to the chair (or vice versa) ahead of the panel is at the discretion of the individual panels.


Session Formats

RT – Round Table

IC – Instructional Course

KL – Keynote Lecture